What is Marketing Audit?

You probably have gone through some of our other courses, but this one is the most overlooked “foundation” of marketing & sales: REALLY knowing your numbers. I know, that’s what accounting is for. We run into Entrepreneurs, business owners, Sales and marketing leaders (and even salespeople) all across the country that don’t have this part down. Throughout this course we are going to cover some of the most important tools for your business. You may be “doing ok” in spite of knowing these, but if you can really grasp these numbers, you will gain 3 very powerful things: 1. First, if you have any holes in your bucket. Where are you losing money? 2. Which “levers” to push to grow your business in the right direction 3. Clear direction on where to invest in your business to see the highest returns Once we take them through this process, we see the light bulbs going off for them. Being able to walk in on Monday morning and know exactly where to push, and where to pull back can be one of the most liberating things for a business leader.

What is Marketing Audit?

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Co-Creator of the Social Dynamic Selling System

  • Scott Thomas

    Scott Thomas

    Scott Thomas is the best-selling author of "Opening The Door to Close The Deal: The 7 mistakes That Can Kill New Client Acquisition". An eye-opening guide to the entire marketing-to-sales process, and how to avoid the missteps even the most experienced and successful marketing and salespeople make without knowing it. Scott shares the secrets that have helped businesses attract and acquire thousands of clients and grow their revenue by billions of dollars. He is the Co-Creator of the Social Dynamic Selling System, which uses science-based and market proven principles to build businesses and create predictable and sustainable income streams. For nearly 30 years, he has managed, coached and consulted both sales and marketing for some of the biggest names in the business world. From fortune 100 companies, small businesses to start-ups, Client acquisition should be the focus of any business.

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